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T&S Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit by Scherie Murray Congressional Campaign

Hon. Eric Komitee of the Eastern District of New York has granted a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against a former consultant to the campaign of Scherie Murray, a would-be Republican challenger to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York's 14th Congressional District. Murray, who sought a ballot spot in last year's elections, alleged that T&S's client was responsible for her campaign's failure to comply with various election law requirements. But the Court dismissed the Campaign's claims for breach of contract, fraud, and other causes of action, noting that the consultant's contract "does not refer to New York election law at all, let alone provide that the failure to comply with such law in performing the 'Petitions activities' would constitute a breach."

T&S partner John J. Thompson is lead on the case. Read the full opinion here.

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