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The needs of any scaling business are unique. We have experience working with a variety of rapidly growing companies, including venture-backed and pre-seed companies.  We work closely with founders and C-Suite level individuals to help lay a foundation for a high-growth enterprise that can successfully navigate a variety of legal and compliance issues. With each new matter, we assume we are building a long-term relationship with our client, and we make that relationship our guiding priority at all times.



Bold new ideas tend to break the mold, but they don’t have to break the law, or your business.  Make sure your venture is prepared to navigate today’s complex regulatory landscape.  We have experience advising all manner of clients, from startup founders and Fortune 500 companies, on how to tackle tricky compliance issues.



Hiring your first employee or independent contractor is a happy moment for any entrepreneur, but small mistakes can have lasting and sometimes disastrous consequences.  We help companies ensure their interests are protected as they build an early-stage HR infrastructure. This includes: ensuring that your company owns the intellectual property rights to your employees’ work product; helping you develop HR policies to keep your company out of trouble; and drafting employment and independent contractor (IC) agreements that fit the needs of your company and your staff.



Complying with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is a challenge to any company operating online, big or small. We help ecommerce companies understand their obligations and confidently face the future of data privacy regulation.

Both John and J.R. are

Certified Information Privacy

Professionals with the

International Association of

Privacy Professionals.

Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) Logo



Growing companies need savvy and cost-effective advice for every contract they enter into.  We provide realistic and digestible advice for: negotiating SAAS subscription contracts, service-level agreements, data processing addendums, and more.  We also help startups craft their default subscription agreements and terms of service.  

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